Wanna become sexy for your partner?

 Wanna become sexy for your partner?

Monika is in a relationship with a guy since two years and now she feels that her boyfriend is not paying her the attention he used to give few months back. Has he lost his interest in her? Or is he dating somebody else? Monika admits that her man is loyal as he still loves and cares for her but it’s just that he doesn’t find her sexy.

She is seriously looking for help to save her love life but she really doesn’t know what to do? She knows that she is not a seductive chic but wonders how she could become the one for her man. If you too feel your life is screwed up like Monika as your partner doesn’t find you attractive, here are few ways to grab his utmost attention that he would find it difficult to take off his eyes from you.

Ladies, gear up! Just to for a complete makeover. Hair/nails/makeup everything should be striking. He should find a completely different you.

You can even go for shopping and get some sexy dresses and lingerie for yourself. Surprise him in your new attire with a bottle of wine.

May be you have behaved too much of grandmother type, it’s time to feel young and let him see you are still energetic and attractive girl like before. Do something crazy like go walking in the pouring rain and take him along with you. Play with him, kiss him and he won’t be able to resist you.   

If you have gained enough weight which makes you look bulky, hit gym and get back in shape. He would simply love to embrace you and feel your curves.

You can hide a whip or handcuffs under your bed. Wear a nice perfume and try a new foreplay this time. He would be surprised with your exciting experiments.

Lastly girls, if these things don’t work, you can garb his attention by paying attention to other male friends of yours.

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