Things you should tell her in bed

 Things you should tell her in bed

She finds her complete world confined in you. Even you know you that you can’t live without her. You never intend to hurt her but then you never know you have hurt her on several occasions. Though it’s obvious having some hot arguments in a relationship but you should take utmost care that it never happens in bed.

Instead of uttering something that could hurt her, you can engage her in talks which can enhance both of your desire to make a wild and passionate love. There are things you should say which gives her sense of strong belongingness and being loved. Here are a few things you can tell your woman in bed.

During your fanatical moment of making love, you should definitely praise her. Tell her what and how much she means to you. Thank her for all the love and care she showers on you all the time.

You might have just loved being hugged by your girl and always felt attracted towards her when she is around but you haven’t told her- It’s the best moment to tell her that you love her body fragrance. If you have already told her, tell her all over again and again as she will simply love to hear those words always. 

Compliment her body. Let your woman know how much you love her body. Even if she is fat and not so sexy, tell her you love the way she is. Believe me folks, your woman will just be flattered.      

You should also appreciate her moves in bed. Appreciate about the support she provides which help in making the session a wonderful experience.  

Once you have achieved the climax just don’t let the things go casually. Thank her for being with you always and supporting you. Thank her for being beside you in all your happiness and pain. Thank her for being the great companion.

Guys, these are very small things but can make a great difference in your love life. Just try it.

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