Secrets You Must Know Before Going in Bed with Her

 Secrets You Must Know Before Going in Bed with Her

You have been waiting for this moment since she accepted your proposal but now when she is beside you in bed you should be careful in handling your love.

Don’t let this opportunity kill her passion for you or make her feel dissatisfied. All you want is to understand what she really wants in bed without saying a word.

Most of the women have tendency not to reveal how exactly she wants to be treated in bed. Although the women are too demanding in bed but then they expect their partner to understand what they want. So, reading this you would be wondering how to go about it.

Well guys, here are five secrets that women never share with men. You can read and know how to make a woman happy in bed.

Not Sex- It’s not sex everytime that women want in bed. They don’t want to end the session merely with the physical act. More than physical they want emotional satisfaction. So, once you are in bed you shouldn’t appear quick to end up. Instead, you can talk to her, make her feel comfortable, wanted and loved and then you can go ahead. 

Foreplay- Women need lot of time in bed. If you are looking to end up the things quickly and move out, you will never be able to make a woman happy. Women love foreplays. The longer you go with foreplay, the more excited she will become.

Mood fluctuation- Women are moody in regard to sex. Sometimes she will not at all like to have sex and most of the men fail to understand what’s wrong with their partner. She might just want to lie beside you, cuddle you but you might be insisting her to have sex. This really pulls her off. Try to read the mood of your girl; this would even make her happy.

Smell- Sometimes your body smell do wonders and your girl simply can’t resist you. But if you lack a good smell, make a point you smell good in bed. Women hate when men smell bad in bed and she will simply push you aside instead of telling you the truth.

How good you are in act? – Women will never let you know if you couldn’t satisfy her. Where to touch, how to hold it’s all she expects the men to know. So, if you think she appears satisfied you might be wrong. Make her comfortable and ask her how she feels about it and what she really wants? This could probably make her happy that you care for her and she might reveal her innermost feelings.

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