New Approach to Get Flat Belly

 New Approach to Get Flat Belly

The unhealthy lifestyle especially in cities has taken toll on the health making obesity a common problem. However, it’s good that women are now serious about their health, making efforts to cut down on the fats of their body. We find most of the women are unhappy with their body shape. A majority of them are most frustrated by their belly fat. Having relentlessly tried various tips and health regime, the success rate is still few. So, what is it that doesn’t let these women achieve a sexy flat belly that they carve for? As per a recent research the following details and tips can help you get that beautiful flat stomach.

Not Number but Size of the Meals Matter

It was commonly said that one should eat five small meals a day to avoid gaining extra weight. However, the theory doesn’t apply to all. As per your convenience you can go for substantial meals fewer times a day too. However, one should always keep a check on the size of the meal they are taking even if it’s healthy to avoid gaining extra kilos.

Understanding Good and Bad Fat

Fats are essential for our body. Research has also proved that fats contribute to around 20 to 35 percent of the total body calories. However, you should know about good and bad fats and accordingly eat the right thing. Good fats include the monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) found in nuts, avocados and healthy oils. You should avoid trans fats which are high in processed and baked foods.

Carbohydrates Can Increase Fats Too

Earlier, it was believed that carbohydrates do not cause fats and hence, dominated most of the diet plans. However, intake of too much of carbohydrates can also increase fats. If you over eat carbohydrates than the amount you burn, it gets converted into fats, which gets stored in belly area and other parts of the body.

Proteins Are Not Only For Body Builders

It’s a wrong conception that protein shakes are only needed by the body builders. Consumption of whey protein is essential and people who take it regularly have less body fat. So, it’s good that you drink protein shakes once in a day or few times in a week.

Do Not Cut On Dairy Products

Research has proved that cutting on dairy products can cause the body to make more fat cells. It’s the tendency of the body to make more fat cells if the body is lacking in calcium. If you stop intake of calcium, your bones may get weak therefore, the body start the release of a compound called calcitriol, which increases the production of fat cells. These fats accumulate around the bones to protect them.

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