MEN’s Must Try! AMAZING Trends This Summer

 MEN’s Must Try! AMAZING Trends This Summer

Fashion can be expressed by our dressing sense, make-up, our lifestyle, footwear, accessories, hairstyle and our body movements.As you must have heard that “FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION” and for that first impression, our dressing-up must be good and enthusiastic. In simple words, I can say that your dressing can make a story about you in the viewer’s mind without your knowledge.

Today we are talking about men’s summer clothing so let’s start with the very basic and our own Indian. Keep in mind that our agenda must be style with comfort.

 KURTA PAJAMA, Traditional Indian wear. It’s coming from the ages of our Indian culture. Worried about wearing this??? It’s not same anymore. From different cuts to different length, with a lot of variation of collars, cuts and sleeves. You can choose from solid color & from the variety of printed Kurta also, they are fashionable and stylish. Just go with pin stripes, tie dies or small object prints. Kurta wearing over jeans and dhoti pajamas give great appearance also Kurta, wearing under a blazer or waist coat is a next stylish & trendy way.

LOOSE AND COMFORTABLE PANTS, JOGGERS, HAREM & WIDE LEG JEANS, Leaving the tight fitted look of 2019, this year we are going in more comfortable zone. We can call it as 90s look. You can choose from the variety of loose pants, coming in variations like 3/4lenght, half length and ankle length. Straight up to bottom or loose from the hip and thigh and fitted below or Bermuda pants. Harem is also comfortable and classy. Checks and solids are mostly in-trend instead of stripe or any print also Wide loose jeans are more comfortable and classy.

SHORTS, summer and not talking about shorts…. Not at all possible. Comfortable, cool and sexy shorts are always summer ready. But styling them the way they actually fit well is a different thing. Shorts and vest altogether makes a great combo though. You can wear shorts under shirts too, they look great, just be calm while choosing the right shirt that suits your shorts. Wearing shirts tucked into shorts with matching sneakers make a great casual outfit. T-shirts are always shorts ready but I suggest wearing oversized t-shirts half tucked into shorts with cool sneakers or loafers.

SUNGLASSES AND SNEAKERS, Both are definitely life saving and must have in your collection. Sunglasses are not only for your cooler dude attitude but they also prevent hard summer rays from contacting your eyes and nearby skin directly. You don’t need to buy too expensive ones, there are cheaper ones too helping you the same way. And if we talk about sneakers, Big, chunky, multicolored and high sole sneakers are now in trend. While choosing sneakers, take care of your comfortability while choosing design, as you have to run in these. Sneakers are more into style because of their really cool and stylish look.

SLEEVELESS T-SHIRTS, OVERSIZED T-SIRTS, TURTLENECKS AND SHEER T-SHIRTS OR SHIRTS & OXFORD SHIRTS,  Just going straight with the trends,sleeveless shirts give you a sexy look-revealing your biceps and triceps, oversized tees makes you cooler and comfortable. Sheer/Transparent tees or shirts or jackets are the latest and coolest ones. And when we talk about oxford shirts we talk about a premium comfort of wearing them, they are hassle free with button down collars. Turtlenecks are ruling over years and so they will carry on. Turtlenecks can never disappoint you. Pair them with suits, Bermuda pants, pants, jeans or shorts. Turtlenecks are stylish, fashionable, sophisticated and comfortable.

BLAZERS WITH TEES, Sounds formal right? But with cool T-shirts and cool blazers it’s not so formal any more. Our industry has come with a very great variety of suits like plain, printed and textured ones too, which makes them really cool. Also the way they are designed, like 3/4 or ankle length pants, basic length or little longer length suits, with different shapes and Cuts, different collar designs. These all are making them really normal for daily wear use. Also pairing them with basic t-shirts or turtleneck t-shirts makes them cooler.

TEXTURED, TIE DYE EFFECT AND POCKETS, Different-different textures in fabrics and tie dye(mixing of two or more colors) effects will take more place this year. They look colorful and stylish giving a great & energetic appearance. While talking about pockets, Big, fluffy, box, square, covered with flap and open. Different-different kind of pockets and they will be all over this year.Take a look towards them while buying any bottom for yourself.

WEAR PINK, IT’S NOT FOR FEMALE ONLY, Pink is a new trendy color for male this season. With its pastel shades and neon, pink is ruling all over. Don’t even think once if you like any design in Pink & its shades just go for that and show your boldness. You can match up your pink t-shirt or shirt with the darker color pants like black & navy blue. Also you can cover a light pink shirt with darker pink pastel tone jacket or overcoat.

Hope this will help you in choosing the right clothes for yourselves; please be aware of color mixing while choosing the garments because they play a very big role despite the fashion.

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