Is your co-worker bothering you too much?

 Is your co-worker bothering you too much?

Swati had been waiting to get a call for this job since last two months. But soon after a week of joining her happiness appeared fading away day-by-day. When asked she tells that she is enjoying her work but doesn’t feel like going to office. This was a bit contradictory statement but when asked further she disclosed that she was simply pissed off by one of her colleague who kept her bothering unnecessarily every now and then in the office. Swati really didn’t know how to deal with the situation but then she was advised from one of her learned friend and now Swati is a carefree person like before and enjoying her work.   

Are you facing similar problem? Does your co-worker, colleague bother you too much? Folks, you will come to meet different kinds of people in your day to day life. But if you don’t learn how to handle them and act aptly with different persons, you can get in great trouble. You don’t need to worry at all. It’s just requires to grow a bit smart and deal with the person confidently. Here are few tips to deal with a difficult co-worker.

First of all, try ignoring such persons at work place. If they or their activities are not affecting you strongly, keep ignoring them. Show them you remain unaffected by their stupid acts and behaviors. If they feel you remain unfazed they might stop disturbing you. Like if the person is spreading your secrets in the office, stop sharing it with that person.

Secondly, you can even talk to that person directly. While talking your tone it should not appear as if you are about to eat that person right up there. You should be polite but firm in asking him/her about their concerns in regard to you. You can straight away speak up your mind even without making your talk too hot.  This way if the person was treating you as a soft target, he would grow alert and start taking you as a serious person.  

But if the person is too shameful or you are finding it difficult to speak straight away, you can approach the HR of the company for help. HR is meant to listen to the employees’ grievances and so he will definitely listen to your problems. But here too, don’t blame the person directly. You can jot down your concerns regarding that particular person and let the HR know it. It’s HR’s duty to ensure employees work and behave well with each other.

But if you still think that the things the not improving and each of your above steps has proved ineffective, the best option is to look for another job. It’s better to change a job than live with something that kills your efficiency and interest in work.

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