Design Your Living Room Tips & Trick

 Design Your Living Room Tips & Trick

When a room is nothing if it does have any furniture. Furniture comprises to be the crucial ingredient for a room and specially for living rooms the furniture’s needs to be lively and happening so that whosoever enter feels known and related to the place and comfort prevails in itself. As far as furniture is concerned, the furniture in living room should be of lighter shades and multi functional. Well after the selection of furniture comes its arrangements. Arrangement of the furniture must have a specific purpose. For like, the activity area in the living room should be spacious and less of articles. If one has a small living room then there should have at least one conversational area, while if one owns a larger room it may incorporate additional furniture groupings.  But while placing the sitting arrangements it is essential to know that there must be at least a apace for six people to sit comfortably.

When it comes to placement of our  living room  furniture, one  should center on a focal point which may be an entertainment center, fireplace or large window.  After selecting your focal point, group your furniture around it, being sure to take the size of your space into consideration.  If the living space is small the one might go for a sofa and few end tables and chairs.  If the space allows you then our living space can include coffee tables, many chairs, larger sofa and a cozy couch will make the set up more of interesting.  

Many of you after reading might think of purchasing new furniture but rather spending your hard earned pennies on this why not be artistic and creative ? You can use  stylish slipcovers available or decorate them with beads and mirrors, standardized sofas, chairs and loveseats.

Your own paintings, wall hangings, hand-made ornamental artifacts will enhance the beauty of your living room and liven up the very essence of the room.


  • Use area rugs to define seating areas. Rugs are also useful for covering up unattractive carpeting or floors!
  • The lighter, neutral shades of walls lighten the mood of the room and make it more cheerful and calm. these kinds of color schemes gives freedom of selecting any furniture in basically any color, scheme or style.
  • Can decorate your living room with paintings, wall hangings, hand-made ornamental artifacts which will not only enhance the beauty of your living room but also liven up the very essence of the room.
  • Display your collectibles. Give your room a lively, elegant, graceful and stylish touch.
  • Excess of everything is bad so don’t overdo your living room.

Changes are also a pleasant welcome so to get the most visual impact of the things displayed and  used in the living room, rotate them in  every few weeks to a month.

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