Checkout Cool Fashion With Tradition

 Checkout Cool Fashion With Tradition

Living here in INDIA, we solely follow our culture. Our culture is our identity, Identity which we carry away with ourselves wherever we go. If we talk about fashion, western culture has taken place everywhere and we are forgetting our culture slowly, our identity, our clothing styles and everything. Rooming around at streets you can barely see people wearing Indian outfits. I am not against accepting western culture, but we should definitely not forget real us.

Today I am going to take you through some casual clothing to carry at streets with our Indian culture and also mixing-up with western.


Starting from our first and basic clothing, It’s a touch of our culture, simplicity and etiquettes. You can wear a single color suit pajama with a contrast Dupatta to make it look chic and stylish. Replace your plain Dupatta with print or little/heavier embroidery for a classier look. Variation in sleeve & neck shapes is another way to make your simple suit very classy. Basic prints are not working that much but a good choice over print can make it easier to wear. 


New updated version of weaing suits. Obviously it’s cool, comfortable with a great fashion appeal. A little touch of embroidery can make your Kurta more stylish. Different-different type of palazzo designs and shapes are available in stores, just pick a matching one with your Kurta or a complete set of Kurta with palazzo. While choosing Kurta just make sure it is compatible for summer, like light fabric, better colors and with new shapes.


Now going towards western culture, you can pair up your Kurta with dark or light color jeans. Choosing from different length and variation can make this look classier. Nowadays you see Kurta with a normal hip length, waist length only or ankle length. Ankle length Kurta with a long side slit till waist makes a very good appeal with slim fit jeans.


A new way to carry Kurta is pairing-up with waist coat. It’s a great idea, when it comes to choosing waist coats, you can choose a contrast color waistcoat over plain Kurta, also can choose a dark shade waist coat over the same lighter shade Kurta & also you can choose an embroidered waist coat over a plain Kurta.

SIX Yards of Love

Here comes the main eye-catching, our culture’s most appealing concept, SAREE, From the years, carrying its charm, saree is worn at Basic Indian functions to the Big Red carpet with a lot of variation. A saree can be used from a basic pleated drape to a loose casual drape, also as pant style, Lehenga style, as Gujarati style, Bengali style and Dhoti style. Ready to wear sarees are mostly in-trend and easy to carry.

Skirts with tops

going little more towards western culture, you can pair up different-different kind of skirts with a suitable top. Pleated skirts are mostly trending nowadays. Apart from that you can choose long or knee length skirts for summer. Pair them with off shoulder or tube top for a complete look. For an office casual look, you can choose pencil skirts or straight skirts pairing with shirts.

You can pair above clothing with matching footwear and accessories. since its summer, just decrease accessories and wear 1 or 2 but significant ones. In footwear you can go for Juttis, mojari or basic slip on.

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