Beat The Summer With Your Summer Ready Wardrobe

 Beat The Summer With Your Summer Ready Wardrobe

Hello beautiful ladies! Just came out from the cozy winter…. But summer can’t wait much for you. Looking at your wardrobe?  What’s coming first in mind? SHOPPING OBVIOUSLY! J.  Everyone wants to keep themselves updated with fashion, and Yes! At this never ending race of Fashion, Change is a very common factor so what we have to do is, be little patience with what we buy. Obviously we won’t like throwing our favorite clothes away as they are no more in trend.

Just don’t run and pick everything you look at the mall. Be little selective and obviously with trend.  Don’t worry! We are here to help you little with your summer selection. Just be with us and keep reading what we have got for you.

BIG FLUFFY SLEEVES, While shopping for summer try remembering the royal class look. fluffy sleeves taken from the Victorian era are ruling this year’s trend. They are comfortable and giving stylish appearance. With a lot of fabric gathering at sleeve head and to down, they are on demand.

AMAZING PLEATINGS, Go with the Pleats without any doubt, they are savage.Different-different kind of pleating are there like box, sunray, straight, pin stripe & uneven. I will suggest going with sunray pleated dresses and straight pleated skirts. For tops you can choose uneven pleating.

WIDE COLLARS & RUFFLES, Wide collars from the 16th and 17th century are back and you will love them flaunting everywhere. While talking about Ruffles, as much as they are there in your dress or top, the more you feel classy. Ruffles and layering is a great idea to decorate a basic garment.

COMFORT WITH FASHION, Long oversized T-shirts, continuing from the last year trend, oversized t-shirts are always classy and comfortable, pair-up these knee or thigh length t-shirts with a good pair of sneakers, wear transparent or contrast stalking(choice) & you are good to go.

OVERSIZED BLAZERS WITH PANTS, Feminine Blazers are not so tailored any more, Loose and comfortable oversized Blazers have replaced them for a good cause obviously. Pair them with comfortable pant choosing from the variety of lengths & knee length is a new revolution here.

HOT PANTS, summer closet is definitely incomplete without these ones. When living with 30 degree temperature, these are life savers. Hot pants are very feminine, classy, stylish and chic. Now new trendy are with gorgeous Laces and they are more revealing means shorter than ever.

BERMUDA, since our female society is divided into 2 categories, Feminine and not so feminine. So for the not so feminine ladies, Bermuda will rock perfectly with its styling and comfort. Loose and wide Bermuda pants paired with normal t-shirt or tube top will go amazingly.

PLAY BOLD WITH TUBE TOPS & BRA TOPS, Leaving the Crop top behind, Show your boldness with Tube and Bra tops, Tube tops are back and Bra tops can make you crazy with the amazing comfort, look & style.These both are Hot, chic and ready to slay your enemies.

SEE THE CROCHET AGAIN, Crochet is the latest and best thing this summer; you must have seen it in your grandmother’s closet but now your turn. Not same way obviously, we have made it cooler. Super hot crochet dresses, tops, skirts & Crochet bra top is new latest in-trend and hot topic.

So hope this gonna help you with your shopping just make a list of your choice and then buy keeping that list on your mind. This will save your time and money bothJ.

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