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Mehak Verma

Learn from thy and educating the mine" is what I belive in. You'll always find me following my success mantra of 3Ps, i.e. , Passionate, Positive, Possession. The life is what you make out of it, kepp it simple yet flaunt classy!

Is your co-worker bothering you too much?

You come to meet different kinds of people in your day to day life. But if you don’t learn how to handle them and act aptly with different persons, you can get in great trouble. But you don’t need to worry for this. It’s just requires to grow a bit smart and deal with the person confidently. Here are few tips that will help you in dealing with a difficult co-worker.Read More

10 Way’s To Propose Her

In anyone’s life Proposal keep as much importance as marriage. People dream about the day that the person of their dreams proposes to them and hope that the day will be absolutely perfect in every way imaginable. Read More

Design Your Living Room Tips & Trick

Our living room is a place where our family members, relatives, friends acquaintances, guests sit talk and chat, so it’s necessary to have a comfortable harmonious environment herein. Usually this is the first room we see after entering, it is also a room that must be clean, cool and calm.Read More